Blog-O-Ween Day 3: Escapes rooms near you!

Blog-O-Ween Day 3: Escapes rooms near you!


Escape rooms have been popping up everywhere over the last year or so and they look like a lot of fun. Some have great storylines and others are just set to scare you. Check out the below post to enjoy some of the best in the UK.

Top 10 UK Escape rooms as listed by Tripadvisor:

  1. Houdinis Escape Room – Southampton
  2. Escape Kent – Canterbury
  3. The Escapement – Margate
  4. Marvo Mysteries – Bournemouth
  5. Escape Live –  Southend on Sea
  6. Secret Studio – London
  7. Escape Live – Coventry
  8. Guildford Escape rooms – Guildford
  9. Adventure rooms – Cardiff
  10. Escape Hunt – Birmingham

Houdinis Escape room – Southampton

Their “Escape to Alcatraz” looks to be around £22 per person, I assume it varies for weekends etc. I would love to add a photo but I can’t use any of theirs!!

Escape Kent – Canterbury

These guys have quite a few different escape rooms to choose from, for example, a “saving Santa” room and a “Pirates of the Stormy Seas” room.

2 players – £25 pp
3 players – £23 pp
4 players – £21 pp
5 players – £19 pp
6 players – £17.50 pp
7 players – £16 pp
8 players – £15 pp

The Escapement – Margate

At £20 per person, you can pick between 2 different rooms. Exodus, The Pit and Pirates of Polaris. (And finally, one that has Jpeg images to copy)



Marvo Mysteries – Bournemouth

From £25 each you can and 2-5 others can join forces and find the hidden trinket.


Escape Live – Essex

From £15 pp there are 3 rooms to choose from.




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