17 ways to raise money for charity at work!

17 ways to raise money for charity at work!

Raising money for charity is something that not only helps the charity, but it also brings colleagues together, especially if it’s a big company.

Bake sale – Something most schools do! Why not do it at work too?! Simply make your best bake and sell it for whatever you want (£5 is quite steep for a cupcake, you can always blame inflation)bake-bakery-baking-1251179.jpg

Bake competition – Similar to a bake sale in the way that you, well, bake. That’s where the similarity ends. Pay a fee to enter, pick a judge (maybe non-biased Bob from HR) then have a prize. I would suggest competitive ribbons they can display proudly on their desks for a year.

Christmas jumper competition – Who doesn’t love a cheesy Christmas Jumper?! Okay it’s June so it may be too early for this…but that may be more incentive to do it! It has the odd factor to make people stop and think “It’s definitely June… Isn’t it June?” and then maybe they’ll give you some money. Charge your colleagues to enter then give a prize to the winner!background-balls-blur-1652419.jpg

Wimbledon Pool – Pretty easy to do, put each name of someone competing in Wimbledon in a hat and get people to pick one out, pay a certain amount to enter then offer a prize to whoever wins!

World cup pool – Pretty easy to do, put each name of a country competing in the World cup in a hat and get people to pick one out, pay a certain amount to enter then offer a prize to whoever wins!

Any competitive TV Show pool – Such as Love Island, Bake-off etc. put each name in a hat and get people to pick one out, pay a certain amount to enter then offer a prize to whoever wins.

Raffle a day off at work – Your employers might be willing to raffle a day off at work for the right price! Anyone who wants to get involved should pay a fee to enter, then somebody (Maybe non-biased Bob in HR is free again?) picks the name out of a hat, or a bingo ball pickery-thing if you have one to hand.

Raffle – Easy peasy, get people to donate some prizes (old books, unwanted Christmas presents etc) then anyone who would like to take part buys a ticket or 5 (you can buy those cheap raffle ticket books from 99p shops or similar or make your own) then someone (again, HR Bob is free) picks out the tickets and BAM, you’ve either won or not.

Pie eating competition – This will get messy so I suggest doing this outside. A simple pie eating contest, you can get someone in your business to bake some, buy some or ask a local bakery if they would donate to the cause. Have as many people as you like competing to win (whatever prize you choose) they will need to hold their hands behind their back and eat with their mouths. Make sure to have someone on hand who knows CPR.baked-close-up-cuisine-2035729.jpg

Marathon – You don’t even need to organise this one! You can compete together in a loca marathon or fun run and raise money for that charity. Simples.

Ugly sweater day – simple enough, wear the ugliest sweater/jumper, pay a small fee to enter then have a prize! All proceeds can go to a charity of your choice.

Quiz – Check out quizzes online or buy a big quiz book and have a quiz competition! There are a couple ways you can organise this one, you can do this via email (although you open yourself up to cheaters!) you can dedicate an hour to the quiz or you could do it on lunch.

Spare change bucket – Very easy to do, pop a bucket with “spare change for charity” (or something along those lines) written on the side and get it donated every so often! Minimal effort with positive results.

Fancy dress day – You may need to set *professional* boundaries for this one.  Pay an entry fee, hold a competition and bobs your uncle, you’ve raised money!celebration-christmas-costume-1719571.jpg

Email signatures – Set up a donation page for your chosen charity and include it on your email signatures asking for donations. With every email, they will see this. Again, minimal effort!

Buzzword jar – If you hear a certain word used often around the office, make a buzzard jar and include that word! This also works for swear words! Every time someone uses that word they must put some money in the jar.

Bring your dog to work – Imagine a day where you’re surrounded by dogs! What could be better?! Getting paid for it, that’s what.


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