A Look! Cher from Clueless

A Look! Cher from Clueless

We all know Chers (Alicia Silverstone) look from Clueless is A LOOK. It’s sassy, cute and formal enough to get away with at multiple events and day to day!

But, so many people have redone the iconic yellow skirt/jacket combo and forget that she was serving looks the entire film. Cher was a queen and needs to be respected as such. You know I had to find the most fab outfits from Clueless I could find and post them for you.

Look #1: The iconic yellow tartan number


The yellow jacket is from Missguided and on sale for £17. The skirt is from I Saw It First at £12 and the jumper is from Missguided at £18.

Complete the look with white knee-high socks, black buckle heels, and some hoop earrings.


Look 2: Shirt, jumper and skirt combo.


Just look at this outfit. What more did you want in your life than to look like Cher?! I wanted nothing more. Sweater vests clearly aren’t popular anymore as I cannot find a nice one anywhere… But the rest was easy!

Everything is from Forever 21, £2.25 for the socks, £6.40 for the shirt and £11 for the skirt! I would pair with the black heels from the other outfit and some silver jewellery and definitely, the hair band which can you get anywhere, that HAS to make a come back it’s so perfect.

Look 3: Dionne looking fab too.

The shirt looks great with the long sleeves from Forever 21 at £15, the dress is from eBay  for £10.11 with the same white knee highs from before.

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