August BirchBox review 2018

August BirchBox review 2018

This August, BirchBox joined up with the site Etsy and allowed 10 Etsy designers to create the boxes this month. P1090311

The box I received is cute, but they usually are. There were some much prettier designs but it’s not the worst.P1090313

This month you would receive an eyeshadow stick, foam shower gel, facial mask, lipstick and conditioner.P1090315

The Rituals happy foaming shower gel smells great and feels smooth and soft when applied, however, doesn’t wash off all that easy. You still feel sticky when you get out of the shower. Kind of a miss for me, however not a total loss as my partner will use it.


The dirty little secret eyeshadow crayon. According to BirchBox it is worth £10.50 but I wouldn’t buy it again, it doesn’t feel sticky once applied which is great but it clings to your lines on your eyelids and is a very chunky glitter. It only lasted on my eyelids the journey to my work (15 minutes) and now it’s just stuck in my eyelids nether regions.


The Luseta keratin conditioner smells great, my hair doesn’t normally agree with Keratin but I will give it a go and see!P1090321

My partner tried this pomegranate face mask last night and instead of letting it sit he wiped it off as it’s far too thick to sit on your skin “overnight” P1090320

I left this till last because I really don’t know what to say… if you can imagine your lipgloss sitting in a hot room for 3 years and drying out to become dust, then you get to this “gloss” or whatever it is has such a weird texture I haven’t even contemplated it touching my lips. The formula just looks dry and damaging for my already dry lips…

August BirchBox offer:

Get a FREE full-size Manna Kadar blush and bronzer duo (worth £30!) when you order your first Birchbox this August. Use code MANNA at checkout.                            Join for just £10 a month with £2.95 packaging.

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