Blogtober or Blog-o-ween: Introduction and instructions

Blogtober or Blog-o-ween: Introduction and instructions


It’s October B*****s!!! Maybe my favourite month, I’m sure a few days into October this will be confirmed…

Most bloggers do “Blogtober” but I prefer the name Blog-o-ween for obvious reasons. This is my first Blog-o-ween and I am far too excited. (This was written in August, can you feel the excitement?) I will still be posting other posts every day but I will be doing the below list for Blog-o-ween! I know most bloggers don’t go full on Halloween for the whole month but here we are.

  1. My favourite Halloween movies.
  2. Halloween biscuit recipe.
  3. The best haunted houses in the UK to visit.
  4. Attractions and events for children.
  5. The best Halloween sweets.
  6. Halloween party favours.
  7. House Halloween decorations.
  8. Spooky appetisers.
  9. Halloween adult costume ideas.
  10. How to stay safe for Halloween.
  11. Ways to incorporate Halloween into your work attire.
  12. Halloween party decorations.
  13. Halloween attractions to visit in the UK.
  14. Kids costumes on a budget.
  15. The history behind Halloween.
  16. Halloween cupcakes recipe.
  17. Halloween children’s party games.
  18. Best horror books.
  19. Activities for children.
  20. Baby Halloween costumes.
  21. Spooky “witches” tales.
  22. Halloween make-up.
  23. Halloween lingerie ey ey.
  24. Halloween theme 20 questions.
  25. Old photos of me when I was younger for Halloween.
  26. Halloween party menu ideas
  27. Halloween online games to play
  28. Vegetarian Halloween recipes
  29. Halloween music choices
  30. My favourite Youtube Halloween tutorials 2017 and 2018
  31. Cute bags for trick-or-treating

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