Bomb Cosmetics Alternatives to Lush Products

Bomb Cosmetics Alternatives to Lush Products

LUSH is a staple within the bath and body industry, there’s no denying that. There’s also no denying the price tags! Any handmade, vegan, cruelty-free brand is going to have bigger price tags, I won’t argue that, but there are definitely savings to be had with Bomb Cosmetics and I loooooooove their products.

First up is, of course, some bath bomb dupes.  Bath bombs are one of LUSH Cosmetics best selling products – a staple if you will – but

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  1. Darling Buds Bath Blaster (Bomb Cosmetics) £2.99
  2. Ylang Song Bombshell Bath Bomb (LUSH Cosmetics) £4.75
  3. Shore Thing Watercolours Bath Blaster (Bomb Cosmetics) £4.50
  4. Intergalactic Bath Bomb (LUSH Cosmetics) £4.75
  5. Close Encounters Bath Blaster (Bomb Cosmetics) £2.99
  6. Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb (LUSH Cosmetics) £2.25
  7. Naughty Cool Watercolours Bath Blaster (Bomb Cosmetics) £4.50
  8. The Big Sleep Bath Bomb (LUSH Cosmetics) £5.95 – This may not be the fairest comparison as the Big Sleep is a jelly bath bomb which makes it very soothing and moisturising.

Moving on to shower products. Now, LUSH offer the shower jelly which is, as you’d guess, a shower gel that is now in jelly form. I currently have the Whoosh shower jelly in my bathroom and it’s incredible although expensive. These aren’t the best comparisons as obviously ones a jelly and ones a solid bar. Also neither suggest how many washes these would last and Bomb Cosmetics don’t even advise the weight on theirs?? None the less, they have been compared.

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  1. Yes Man Solid Shower Gel (Bomb Cosmetics) £3.99
  2. Whoosh Shower Jelly (LUSH Cosmetics 240g) £8.95
  3. Let It Bee Solid Shower Gel (Bomb Cosmetics) £3.99
  4. 29 High St Shower Jelly (LUSH Cosmetics 240g) £11.95

Next up is massage bars. I haven’t had a massage bar from either of these companies so I can’t give any kind of opinion on their prospects. These are supposed to be soothing on dry skin.

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  1. Summer Honey Massage Bar (Bomb Cosmetics) £3.49
  2. Each Peach Massage Bar (LUSH Cosmetics) £5.95
  3. Velvet Strawberry Massage Bar (Bomb Cosmetics) £3.49
  4. Pearl Massage Bar (LUSH Cosmetics) £6.95

Finally, we move on to shampoo bars. Again I haven’t tried one of these because I’m mostly worried they would make my hair extra knotty? Comment below if you’ve tried one and let me know what you think!

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  1. Hedge Tamer Shampoo Bar (Bomb Cosmetics) £3.79
  2. Godiva Shampoo Bar (LUSH Cosmetics) £7.50
  3. To Be Sheer Shampoo Bar (Bomb Cosmetics) £3.79
  4. Montalbano Shampoo Bar (LUSH Cosmetics) £7.50

To wrap up, there are some huge savings if you buy from Bomb Cosmetics however if you feel some kind of way about plastic use, then LUSH may be your gal. On my last Bomb cosmetics order, there was a single use plastic wrap on all of the bath bombs (which it does explain it keeps them fresh). I love Bomb Cosmetics and will use them in the future when I need bath/shower items.



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