Book Review – Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Book Review – Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Where do you even start with a book that you feel lost without? The second I finished this book I felt like re-reading it.

I haven’t personally come across Brandon Sanderson before but this book alone made me buy 3 others of his.

I picked up this book purely based on the cover and the description in Waterstones, not that their description was especially riveting, just mentioning that this book was similar to Harry Potter and that obviously was enough to draw my attention.

There are books you read that can, at times, become tedious to read and you may put down for a couple days that turn into months, and then probably never to be picked up again. This is the complete opposite. Brandon has really taken a well-imagined planet, politics and alien life forms and broadcasted that image in the book, there is no description of the Krell but I had this quite vivid idea of what they looked like – maybe that’s what I liked so much, the descriptions of people/Krell were quite minimal so you have the space to envision them yourself. Personally, during the book, I didn’t really think about that specific fact but now I have time to reflect and examine what I liked and what I didn’t, that’s definitely one of the many things I liked about the book.

The subtle love-hate relationship between Jorgen and Spensa keeps you wanting more, continuously egging them on. My opinion softened for Jorgen after a fair amount of chapters and deciding if he was as entitled as described. 

The only thing that really got me was the number of deaths! I won’t spoil it by saying who when or how, but at least 2 of them knocked me back, you become attached to these young pilots.

I would highly recommend anyone these books. The last 5-6 chapters I was grinning like a Cheshire cat and exhaling loudly. If I could pre-order Starsight (Skyward #1) then I would have done already!

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