Essence nail polish

Essence nail polish

There’s been a bit of hype lately around these new Essence nail polishes that Wilkinsons sell for only £1.60 each that are supposedly similar to gel without having to pay someone to do them. Of course, I jumped on that bandwagon and went out to buy some. The Wilkinsons I went to had about 25 colours, I only grabbed 5 (only 4 for this post, my mum grabbed one before I could even try it) but then noticed that they do HOLO nail polishes too! So I grabbed one of those as well.


So far I have tried the yellow and the slightly off pink colours but they do look beautiful. Just a little FYI, the yellow did stain my nails but if you go from one nail polish to the next it doesn’t really matter, just be warned.


The nail polish dried really quickly and does look very thick (like a gel would) I really do rate these highly and would recommend them to everyone, they have beautiful colours and are very affordable!

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