Festival Essentials: Summer ’18

Festival Essentials: Summer ’18

The talk of the Festival Season this year is biodegradable glitter. Glitter has increased in popularity over the last few years especially within Festival, people use it on their faces, their bum cheeks and their boobs (glitter tits) so the evergrowing demand for an eco-friendly alternative has increased. Many people will even avoid companies due to this. Keep reading for my roundup of the budget, mid-range and OTT expensive festival essentials, all dependent on your dedication to the glitter tits.


Obviously, I’m going to start with the budget, there is some absolute fab finds for that low budget I strive to restrict.

This gorgeous biodegradable face glitter is only £5 a pot (3g pot manufactured in the UK) Do give them a visit, they also have beautiful body tattoos and body gems.

Biodegradable Glitter Mixes - FestivalFace

Biodegradable face friendly glitter by FestivalFace  


Loreal Colorista semi-permanent hair dye!

£1.98 on sale at Superdrug right now!!


So… Body mist. Smells great!

This bright and wonderful NYX pallet has 16 colours for only £16! All makeup-wearers understand the bargain that this is.


NYX bright shadow pallet, £16 from Boots


£45 for 8 lipsticks from Jeffree star is a bargain. You can use these for so many things, body art, eyebrows, eyeliner etc.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Rainbow Bundle

Jeffree Stars rainbow lipsticks!

£46 for this highlighting kit of dreams. Is it socially acceptable to wear a purple highlighter to work? Probably not but at a festival, go wild. Express every little makeup dream you’re too scared to execute!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverely Hills dream glow kit, duh.

Boob gems, obviously. They are expensive for £15 but have great reviews, a lot of people rave about the Gypsy Shrine.

OTT Expensive

£37 from Beauty Bay, there are cheaper pallets for sure but this is a beautiful pallet.

Lunar Beauty Life's A Drag Eyeshadow Palette

Lunar Beauty by Manny MUA Life’s a drag pallet.

Kylie cosmetics lip kit will set you back £20.34 (exchange rates as of today)

Kylie Lip kit

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary lashes vol 2.  For £25 a pop, this better make my lashes magical.


Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes vol 2

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