Interview Tips and Tricks

Interview Tips and Tricks

Interviews can be hard, whether it’s your first interview ever or your 30th, they are hard. As a young 16/17 year old interviewing was extremely nerve-wracking and the only experience I had was interviewing for College (which is a whole other ball game).

From my few years of interviews, I have picked up a couple tips and tricks which will hopefully help you get your dream job! Or really any job.

1. Dress Appropriately

  1. Dress appropriately. You might think wearing a longer skirt and blazer don’t suit you, but most employers will appreciate the effort. You wouldn’t believe the interviews I’ve seen come in dressed as if they’re going on a night out or just woke up. No matter what kind of job role you’re going for, be it a warehouse job, admin job or chef, you should always look the part. After all, it’s one of the first things the employer will see.1. Dress Appropriately (1)
  2. Make an effort to read through their website, and if they have a mission statement try to find a way to incorporate it into your sales pitch. After all, an interview is just selling yourself! For example, if the company has an economical approach then make sure to talk about things you have done to help the environment i.e. if you donate to an environmental charity or if you have participated in any cleaning up schemes make sure to mention it.1. Dress Appropriately (2)
  3. Make eye contact. I’m not saying stare them down as if you want to wear their skin, just natural “interested” eye contact. It can, at times, feel awkward but just push through. It shows you are listening and actually taking everything on board.1. Dress Appropriately (3)
  4. Take a notebook and pen. This shows you’re organised and again shows interest when you’re taking notes. As a bonus, if you’re as forgetful as I am, you can write in their beforehand some questions you have, the job role, the pay etc. it helps to jog your memory!1. Dress Appropriately (4).png
  5. Research some questions and answers. There are some staple questions interviewers like to ask, such as “Do you have any hobbies?” “What do you know about the company?” (#2 will help you with that one!) “How would you describe yourself?” these are fairly common questions and you should think about how you want to answer them wisely!

Following on from #5, I want to expand on some of my go-to answers! I can’t take full credit for these, my partner helps me with my interview technique.

“What do you do in your spare time?”

Good answers to this question would be sports that show you work well in a team like football. I’m not suggesting lying, as you will almost always be caught out on this. Reading is also a good answer or spending time with friends. Personally, I wouldn’t include “drinking with friends” or similar as it doesn’t really help.

“What animal would you say you are and why?”

This is one of those questions you might not prepare for, which usually means you answer something ridiculous. Good answers to this would be any animal that live in packs which can be explained as either you work well in a team or you’re a natural leader. Another one would be a wolf, they work well in a team and they’re also great communicators.

“How would you describe yourself?”

Try and add some keywords from the job description, if they have asked for someone organised, works well in a team, can help in any team then be sure to add those in.

“What are your weaknesses?”

Make your weakness a positive. My partners answer to this is “I take on too much work” which is positive, you’re doing more than you probably should and suggesting you’re helping others with their workload. Bad answers would include “I rush quite often” this shows you probably don’t have an eye for detail.


My best interview tips and tricks to help you get your dream job..png

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  1. Macey Gloria
    19/03/2019 / 11:55 pm

    These are excellent tips! I love the suggestions you gave for difficult questions that come up as well, great post x

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