July Birch Box

July Birch Box

Julys Birch Box isn’t the most exciting, I’m not going to lie. I’ve already tried 3 products and found them pretty useless. Keep scrolling for the review!


The box is definitely cute. Much smaller than the likes of Glossy Box and Look Fantastic but still cute. P1090142

This month you had a blackhead strip, a “congested skin serum”, a volumising oil, a shower scrub and a 3-in-1 “bronzer, eyebrows and eyeshadow”.P1090144p1090148.jpg

Personally a flop. I don’t have any special spots right now to try it to see if it works in that respect but for general serum use it’s a no for me, left my face oily and I’m sure I’ve started breaking out where I used it.


This smells great, I haven’t used it yet but I will, I’m sure it’s great. p1090151.jpg

This just seems like any other powder product, they’ve marketed it as a 3-in-10 cheek, eyeshadow and eyebrows. Any product this colour or darker can be used for that anyway so it’s nothing new and also who’s eyebrows are the colour of a brick wall? Certainly not mine… It’s not a very nice colour for anything bar eyeshadow for me personally.p1090149.jpg

I haven’t tried this yet but I’m not an oil girl.


Very useless. Followed every instruction but it just felt like it was ripping my skin and my nose feels worse for using it.

Overall this months Birch Box was a flop for me… 2 products I won’t use and 1 that was useless. Last months was much better!

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