My Biggest Blogging Mistakes When I First Started

My Biggest Blogging Mistakes When I First Started

It’s easy to get washed up in the creative outlet that is blogging. You want it to be a success and you believe spending as much money as possible is the way forward? Nope.

  1. Don’t pay for a logo in the beginning

If you have the money to waste, go for it. I’m now not a fan of the one I paid for (it’s okay but I prefer the one I designed myself) Get yourself on any free logo maker or just a design app and make your own!!

2. Don’t buy the “Business” WordPress package before making money

My first year I spent around £300 odd on my blog and used it about 3/4 times. I was so unmotivated and out of my element that it just flopped! I didn’t have the right tools, I didn’t have the knowledge just blind optimism.

3. Get yourself on Twitter

My biggest downfall was not engaging on Twitter. There are so many lovely bloggers on there who can help you and understand what you’re going through!

4. Comment on others blogs

Everyone loves comments. I’m STILL awful at this but I’m trying to get better. Comments make you feel more accomplished too, so spread the love.

5. Don’t “promote” your blog via Instagram

As a business Instagram, you can “promote” your blog. It’s a really great tool as long as you already have your blog up and running with posts for them to read, if you saw an ad for a blog and clicked on it, have a scroll and realise theirs only 3 posts on there, you wouldn’t bother following it. Give them something to read first!!

6. Don’t take the first paid collab you’re offered

I was offered a “discount” to promote a product, at the time I thought this was great and I was getting recognised etc so I went for it, the jewellery they sent me was cheap crap you can buy off eBay for £3. They wanted £35!!! I never wrote a post for them or Instagram so I cancelled the contract. Don’t fall for it!! Always check them out, see if they have paid other bloggers and get their thoughts.

I’m going to add to this as I go because there are things I’ve missed. Comment your biggest blogging mistakes!!

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