Personal development

Personal development

You may feel that some days everything seems to pile on top of you and you become so underwhelmed with everything you have to do but just don’t want to or can’t. That’s me every couple of days. I struggle to stay on top of things such as this blog, my social media, my workload etc. I have days where I get so excited about everything that could be and then never becomes because I become encased in a cycle of laziness and unwillingness to try my best to succeed at what, in my head, I believe I could or should be good at.

I, like many others, have an overly active imagination and creative brain where everything is either go go go or becomes a dead end. But over time I have learnt that that isn’t always a bad thing and that I shouldn’t beat myself up for it. There are so many avenues in life, a higher percentage are not going to be correct for you and that’s okay! There are going to be paths layered in glass shards, broken trees and burning bridges, that’s just the way it goes. They say that the best things in life are not easy, and if they’re easy they aren’t the best.

Life is what you make it and I am trying to make it the best! Life’s too short to not go for the run in the morning, not eat the pizza, not kiss the guy. So my proposal to you all is a 9 day challenge of personal development or self-improvement however you want to think about it.

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Day 1:

Push yourself to do whatever you have been putting off. Whether this is the washing you haven’t done in weeks, the diet you can’t get a jump on or that habit you would love to push but just can’t, get on it. Do it.

Day 2:

Encourage others to particpate with you. If you see someone struggling at work or out and about, try and make them feel comfortable and help.

Day 3:

Wake up early and go for a walk or run. You won’t regret it.

Day 4:

Make a list. Make a list of everything you want to achieve it then begin planning.

Day 5:

Try some new music!

Day 6:

Find a new sports club or a campaign you feel strongly about

Day 7:

Give to charity.

Day 8:

Try taking an online course.

Day 9:

Learn a new language

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