Things I Wish I Had Known During Secondary/High School

Things I Wish I Had Known During Secondary/High School

Secondary school can be a really difficult place for some people, others can excel and find what they’re good at. In the UK Secondary school ranges from 13yo-16yo whereas (from a google search) High School is 14yo-18yo, which would be Secondary School AND College for the UK. Don't be a people pleaser

  1. Not everyone will like you.

I wasn’t particularly popular, I swapped between groups and always felt like the odd one out or like I was hanging around with no benefit to the group. I also became a bit of a bitch to make others laugh and like me, never a good idea either (I’ll move onto that). Having 1 or 2 friends isn’t a bad thing, I would have loved to have just had 1/2 close friends to rely on. I had a few good friends and throughout the years a couple of girls I called my best friends but I don’t believe I was ever anyone’s best friend, but that’s okay. Do your own thing, don’t worry about school politics, get your grades and enjoy your school life.Don't be a people pleaser

2. Don’t turn into the bitch

It’s increasingly easy to feel left out at school. There is always going to be some girls (and boys) who are just nasty pieces of work, don’t become like them. Some people are bitter about a load of different things, the guy they like might like you, they may just be wired to be that way, the world may never know. Some girls grow out of it, some don’t. In my school, there was a group of girls people called the “it” girls or the “popular” group (in year 7 of course, that didn’t make it’s way to year 11) who would pick on girls less popular than them for pretty much no reason, looking back on it now it was quite funny if I hadn’t been upset about what they used to do. The one thing that always stuck with me was a girl commenting that I looked like a horse because I had plaited my ponytail… seriously. And that genuinely upset me at the time! Now it’s pretty funny and oh so original but then it made me take it out and not really experiment with my hair very often.Don't be a people pleaser

3. Don’t worry about relationships

I was so caught up in getting a boyfriend I paid less attention to my school work and more attention to the boys. I always used to think you had to settle down with your “high school sweetheart” like they do in bad teen movies. Don’t bother!! School isn’t the be all and end all but neither are relationships at that age. It’s good to experiment, have your first kiss, but don’t get caught up in the thought you HAVE to have a boy/girlfriend.Don't be a people pleaser

4. Treat your teachers with respect

I hated a LOT of my teachers. Especially my head of year. But looking back now, they were literally just doing their jobs and I was just a disruptive entitled kid who thought I was the absolute bee’s knees and being rude to the teachers was funny. Wrong. They are there to teach, it’s a job. That’s what I think you don’t realise at that age, that they may hate their job like you hate your job when you’re 23, wouldn’t it be better if your customers (students) weren’t vile and rude? It would make your day a hell of a lot better. Not to mention the fact that you should treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. Don't be a people pleaser

5. Have fun

Vague? Yep. Enjoy your long summers, your early finishes and the learning! I would love to go back to school and actually listen to what I was told and learn the things I refused to then. Don't be a people pleaser

Comment below on anything you think would be beneficial to know if you were back in school!!


  1. Macey Gloria
    05/09/2018 / 3:47 am

    You sound like one of those students that wasn’t always a joy to have :’) and of the type I hope not to encounter very often when I become a teacher one day haha! But I’m glad to hear that you learned and grew from those experiences & are able to look back with wiser eyes. Loved this!!! xx

    • 05/09/2018 / 3:17 pm

      Oh I definitely was an awful student… not the worst but by no means the best! xx

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