To the limbo women

To the limbo women

Today’s social media dictates what bodies should be loved and explored and what bodies should be hidden away. There are so many body positive Instagram personalities that promote health, fitness and generally staying trim but there are also a lot of Instagram accounts from big beautiful women showing that it is more than okay to love who you are no matter what size, but I feel like there is a limbo womanly body that isn’t so much talked about. When I say limbo womanly body I mean the women with a bit of chub, but not much to complain about. I feel like I’m in limbo, I can’t complain about my body because people always tell me to stop and that I’m fine how I am. “You’re small, what do you have to complain about?” I’m chunky (yet funky) but my body type isn’t at the forethought of anyone’s body positive Instagram posts, which can definitely make you feel insecure. Healthy women who work out are celebrated for keeping at it and inspiring others to lose weight and bigger women are congratulated for accepting themselves and loving who they are despite the criticism they may receive.

You see constant ads of “before and after” and it is pretty common to see the before and think wow I’m about that size, should I be looking to lose weight? How damaging is that to someone’s self-esteem and why should it be allowed to be advertised to you through Facebook or Instagram without you providing permission to see this? I have no qualms about fitness being advertised, makeup etc but weight loss depicting someone’s transformation shouldn’t be in my opinion.

Is what it is and probably always will be, I don’t know the eternal answer to having more body confidence but I will be sharing some tips I find useful occasionally and sharing some stories and experiences.




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