Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas

It can be hard to know what to do with your partner or new love interest in the rain and snow.  It can be difficult to get around if you don’t own a 4×4 or rely on a bus service, but fear not – I have something for you!


Staying in:

A personal favourite of mine, you don’t need to see other people or move. What could be better?

  1. Movie marathon (Check out some of my favourite Christmas Movies here)
  2. Bake together! Gingerbread houses, cookies, smores, mince pies etc…
  3. Indoor scavenger hunt (A blog post for this will be going up soon)
  4. Read together! Swap books give each other notes.
  5. Candle making (You’ll need all the bits and bobs!)
  6. Series marathon (Gilmore girls, riverdale, Luther, etc)
  7. Games night
  8. Watch old cartoons

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Feeling outdoorsy? Got your hiking boots ready?

  1. Go for a winter hike
  2. Go sledding
  3. Go skiing (If you live next to a slope, lucky you, for everyone else you can go indoor skiing)
  4. Mini golf
  5. Ice skating
  6. Outdoor scavenger hunt
  7. Go snow tubing
  8. Sporting events (Football, rugby, racing)
  9. Wreath making

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It’s raining/snowing and you just want to get warm, here are some date ideas for those days!

  1. Go shopping (books, clothes, scarves, movies, games…)
  2. Go antiquing
  3. Cooking classes
  4. Cinema
  5. Sporting events (Ice hockey, skating, etc)
  6. Aquarium
  7. Christmas gift shopping
  8. Charity shop shopping
  9. Indoor mini golf
  10. Coffee shop


What are your favourite winter date ideas?



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